Simple Procedure to learn Easy Step by Step Drawing

Many children are interested in drawing but they need good guidance to draw the pictures within few easy steps and also in short period time.

If you are interested then you can learn to draw by following the step by step drawing methods provided on this website.If you want to learn the easy step by step drawings then you have to you can start practicing with the cartoon drawings.

If you follow the step by step process then it will help you with the track properly so that it helps to know the actual idea of the picture your drawing.

Below You can see an image of an eye and how it is drawn step by step. So, take a sheet of paper and try to draw the below step by step.

step by step drawing of eye
Easy step by step drawing of eye

Steps to make perfect drawings

1: You have to start the drawings with shapes and lines because to make the perfect picture, you need make perfect shape for the picture first. To make perfect shape you must focus on the pose of the model and observed it completely and then you have to make the outline of the pose.

You can use the properties like circles, triangles to make perfect shapes on the corners and focus on the size and face pattern to make the overall shapes perfectly.

2: After making the shapes you have to use the proper drawing pencils to make the curves perfectly and using the pencil you have to shade the picture and add any stuffs like bangle or ring or handbag.

3: While shaping the important parts like eyes you must be careful and add the colors to the pictures which should be perfectly match from top to down. After pencil work you have to erase outer part of the picture which is exceed outside the picture shape and you have to use the good quality eraser because the bad eraser ruins the quality of the drawing.

Instead of eraser you can also use the Blue Tac which is the best alternative to remove the exceed lines in the picture and it helps in avoiding the damage. Make sure that you are erasing only the pencil marks which are not needed. Don’t erase the original drawing.

Rose and Pencil
Pencil on a Rose

4: After finishing the drawings you can use the water colors or paints to make some effects to the drawings.

┬áNow that you have understood how to draw step by step, let’s draw a Pig.

Easy Step by Step Drawing of a PIG

Let’s begin! now take a piece of paper and a pencil. Also keep an eraser and a sharpener. Before you start drawing make sure that your pencil is sharp.

In the below drawing of the pig there are 5 steps. If you cannot understand the steps just by looking at the drawing then read the below 5 steps to understand clearly.

easy step by step drawing of a Pig
Easy Step by Step drawing of a Pig

Step 1: In the first step draw a circle shape which is shown in the first step. Next, make two dotted lines at both the edges, as shown in the image. Make sure that you are drawing the dotted lines lighter because you need to erase it in the further steps.

Step 2: Now, mouth of the pig as shown in the figure. Also put a dot which is eye of the Pig as shown in the figure. Join a part of the left dotted line.

Step 3: Now erase some part of the circle at the bottom to give space for legs. And draw the legs of the pig.

Step 4: Now erase the required parts of the pig and make your drawing look like step 4. Also draw a tail of the pig.

Step 5: In this step erase the non necessary pencil marks. Now, trace lightly at different parts of the pig to make your drawing complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn a Pig. So these were the easy step by step drawing of a Pig.

Below you will see an image of a Pig with Ice cream. It was drawn by my younger brother on slate. Try to replicate if you can.

Pig with Ice cream

If you have any doubts then you can comment below. Good Luck!

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